A review of the concert by marianas trench at the show box

Teenagers in the front and parents in the back. It is a concept album based on the movie "The Goonies". Other than that I do not know anything about them. I am looking forward to hearing more from this band. He played songs from his Are You Serious album, and while maybe not a household name quite yet, many in the crowd sang along.

CONCERT REVIEW: Marianas Trench

It was quite interesting and added a bit of panache to the evening. The only thing missing was didgeridoo, and sure enough the scourge of folk fests made an appearance mid-set, as if to remind us that we will never be safe from its drone. That is a big undertaking.

The crowd was into it. It was a show.

Ever After

Were they also here to see Mainland? It is something to be admired. Returning to a pitch black stage, the band pounded its way, literally, into Truth Or Dare.

Marianas Trench rocks K-Rock

This was not the case tonight. All the way to the final song of the night, "End of an Era". Perhaps the highlight of the entire night was when DWW played Royalty, getting the entire stadium to turn the lights off, then everybody in the audience took out their cellphones and lighters for the entire song, creating an atmosphere that suited the slower song.

They were tight, fun, and entertaining. That said, while they might be easy to mock, truthfully they kind of pull it off. The minute, song set was definitely a group effort but Ramsay pulled a little more of the weight in his role as frontman.

Just before breaking into Desperate Measures, they ripped off the pants and played the tune in their tighty whiteys. Overall, the crowd loved the show.

He even managed a complete somersault for good measure before returning to the stage and calling it a night. It was a very visually stimulating concert and was entertaining.

If you get the chance check them out.

Concert Review: Marianas Trench are back in rocking form

Ramsay, along with Matt Webb guitarMike Ayley bass and Ian Casselman drumswas in fine form and it became quickly evident that they were preaching to the converted. At times the band stopped playing for entire verses as the audience passionately sang their lyrics.

How would their dedicated fan base receive it?Marianas Trench Tour Dates, Concert Tickets Marianas Trench is a Canadian pop rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in The band consists of members Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman.

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Our. Oct 21,  · Marianas Trench - Astoria - Album Review - Duration: Proposal during Marianas Trench Concert??? - Marianas Trench Live Marianas Trench - Ever After (Show Opener) - Live in Edmonton (Get.

Review: Marianas Trench gets Rexall Place crowd screaming with standard pop tuneage

Concert Review: Marianas Trench with Mainland @ The TLA - Philadelphia, PA 02/05/16 Even though I may have been the only person there that wasn't a female, a teenager, or a parent of a teenage female, it does not mean that I didn't have a good time.

List of all Marianas Trench tour dates and concerts. This event has been Join Songkick to track Marianas Trench and get concert alerts when they play near you It was amazing, the opening acts were great too! All the guys put on a great show! Josh also added lots of funny things into the concert it was hilarious!

Rating: 10/10, best.

A review of the concert by marianas trench at the show box
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