A study on layout of big bazaar noida

The main problem for the store managers was to shelf the products in a way that all of them are visible and customer finds the offer worth enough to make a purchase. Big Bazaar provides good employee service i.

Larger departments were placed in lower traffic areas. For this the company needs to have a good networking with its suppliers, nearby warehouse store so that finished products could be replenished as soon as possible keeping all the constraints in mind.

Supply Chain of Big Bazaar

Browsing does not only help them in shopping but can also influence purchasing decision of customers that is it may lead to customers making more unplanned purchases.

Shopping behaviour and operational considerations were regognized. As Indians, we like bumping into people, chatting, gossiping and eating while we shop!

Effective display provides easy accessibility of product to target customers and demonstrate the products in a way to make selection process easy for customers. There were bundling offers, extra size packages for eatables, shampoos, detergents and many other household goods.

Organised retailing is showing signs of enormous creativity.

In addition to it some items from the shelf were removed during the mela period which was highly expensive and which the targeted customers would not buy and the counters for heavy demand items were increased.

The products which need replishment in short intervals again and again i. Items needing frequent restocking were placed near store rooms.

Various offers were there like buy 3 get 1 free which engages customer in buying more. It allows more customers in the store at any time.

Big Bazaar

At Big Bazaar, they create multiple cluster or mini-bazaars within every store. Visual merchandising coordinates store marketing, positioning and communication strategy. Moreover keeping a check on waiting time for customers at billing counter was another difficult task. The unloading of various items was going on like big crates of drinks were unloaded in front of me.

They even provide them with after sales service in case of buying electronic items. Seasonal needs were considered. People often complain that Big Bazaar outlets always look very crowded.

This strategy of packaging products to high volume but low prices or discounted prices helps in increasing sales revenue. Efficiently designed layout can create enjoying the environment by providing convenient shopping.

INFERENCES The various learnings that I had from this project was the difference in layout, increase in counters, different temperature controls, more employees employed, more stock, products packed in mass volume, products offered in bundling and in special offer packs, more cash counters, more perishable goods and a lot many number of offers on different articles during the 6 Days of MAHA BACHAT Mela which is not there in normal days.

Buy 3 get 1 free- Lays, Kurkure, Stop-Not and many other wafers. So much so, on the days that Big Bazaar is offering any of its deals the stores are over flooded with the customers. But by the mid-day i. There were great discounts. When the shop looks neat and empty, the masses never walk into it.

It uses various visual merchandising like it uses remarkable window display for creating a shopping environment as it creates initiative impression in the mind of customers as window display also sometimes become a deciding factor whether to enter the store or not.Apply to 4 Big Bazaar Jobs in Noida on killarney10mile.com, India's No.1 Job Portal.

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Amity Business School A Project on Customer Satisfaction at BIG BAZAAR Submitted By: Ankita Sharma 03 Anika Virk 08 Kanishk kaul 35 Rishabh Dugar 46 Submitted. Looking for ☎ Big Bazaar phone number? Find the latest offers, opening time and phone number for Big Bazaar store on The Great India Place, Entertainment City, Lower Basement, Sector 38 A, Near Atta Market in Noida at Tiendeo.

Layout decisions have long term consequences on cost and companies ability to A study on layout of Big Bazaar,Noida. INTROUCTION: Big Bazaar is a chain of shopping malls in India currently with 29 outlets, owned by the Pantaloon Group. Where Big Bazaar scores over other stores is its value for money proposition for the Indian customers.

Big Bazar Layout; Big Bazar Layout. Words Mar 11th, 7 Pages. PROJECT TITLE: A study on layout of Big Bazaar,Noida.

INTROUCTION: Big Bazaar is a chain of shopping malls in India currently with 29 outlets, owned by the Pantaloon Group.

It works on same the economy model as Wal-Mart and has had considerable success in many Indian cities. Get the best offers on food, groceries, home & kitchen needs,personal care,and more at Big Bazaar store across India.

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A study on layout of big bazaar noida
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