A threat to the diversity of languages english language essay

In other languages politeness is expressed more diversely. Further, conflict tends to persist among the Urdu, Hindi and Oriya linguistic groups and Urdu and Hindi speaking people respectively. Wirtschaftstreuhandgesellschaft a business trust companyand in the Netherlands typical names of companies consist of more than 40 letters, so that Dutch businessmen have to use the folding business cards.

And yet there are a couple of small areas in which English shows a comfortable advantage over other languages. Some of these regional political parties have also formed government. The demand for a separate state creates problems for the concerned state as well as the centre. Language diversity should not be seen as a force pushing the different cultures apart, but rather as a challenge that can be mastered in order to foster educational outcomes, political peace and work projects as well as a tool that will bring together families and friendships of all backgrounds.

If English becomes the dominant language of communication, the consequences are obvious: But in reality the linguistic minorities have been harassed in different States. Ban on Political Parties and other Organisations: English as a Global Language. But linguistic diversity was not a great problem in the past since Sanskrit in the beginning, later Persian and during last hundred years English served as link languages.

Still, English has several advantages as an internationally accepted language. And there is a great number of such examples: The national feeling is eroded due to linguistic and regional loyalties.

Essay on Language Diversity Essay

Rather, they pleaded for the division of India into different provinces along linguistic lines. Following the global markets and a global network of entertainment and travel the global communication in the international language comes.

It will be unwise to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking people. Geographical conditions also promote linguism. Similar concerns also apply to the Government — who hold the burden to communicate with the entire, linguistically diverse nation competently and effectively.

On the other hand, significant disadvantages of adopting English as the language of international communication include: This promotes local identity and distinctiveness among people. English also has a distinctive opportunity to get the most out of words, making them to carry a double meaning as a noun and a verb.

Development of a National Language: There are problems with what might be called delivery and after-sales service, but in any case, its production lines have no problems.

All these communication innovations divide people leaving behind those who do not comprehend English Lauring At the same time, according to Bill Gates, one of the developers of the Internet, the dependence of the global information system on the English language will weaken with the improvement of computer software required for reliable error-free machine translation from one language to another.

Should English be a Global Language?

These students may also struggle to understand what their tutors are communicating to them, and may therefore be unable to interpret complex tasks correctly.Use the category buttons below to easily search our resources on information, academic publications, and research concerning the world’s endangered languages!

Our resources include information on anthropology, sociology, education, cognitive science, environmental science, public policy, and more and have been uploaded by users and researchers alike. Language serves as a sense of belonging and without a cultural language, the people of a nation shall lose their cultural identity (Shelly, ).

The globalization of media also threatens cultural diversity. Through Media perspectives globalization making Indirect threats on culture diversity such a, advertising globalization affects health. Globalisation poses a threat to cultural diversity because it is the cause of widespread cultural homogenisation.

I will focus on Helena Norberg-Hodge's book Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh, in which she describes the recent cultural changes within a particular Indian community.

English does affect language diversity, which manifests in different forms according to different context. In the core English-speaking countries, it severely leads to the endangerment of many indigenous languages. In some periphery-English countries, English deprives those state languages of the right of intellectualization.

English Language Learners (ELL’s) is a growing population among our nation’s schools and we must be prepared as educators to handle students who enter our schools with a different first language.

Although there is not many English Language Learners here in our schools, References: Bode, P. the only language which is spoken by more people as a second language than a first language and as observed by Crystal () non native speakers of English outnumber native .

A threat to the diversity of languages english language essay
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