Aim global business presentation cyril

To become GA, just accumulate 1, positional group product points or personal points from product reorders. Points to remember in match sales bonus: Referral Bonus of P1, Supports healthy eye and brain function. Gastro-esophageal reflux disease GERD Just by joining as a distributor without doing yet the businessyou are already a winner.

When the binary points find a pair on the other side, it will match and will be paid out for 1, pesos. Benign prostatic hypertrophy BPH It has extended its operation to all regions and provinces of the Philippines, to 14 countries around the world and is now in aggressive global expansion.

Low sperm count Muscle and nerve pain That is why this is a no risk business investment. It is a multi-awarded company both for its products and its marketing performance. The 10 levels are completed from further down when anyone in the top 10 level made no purchase for the month.

The potential gross income per month ispesos. Silver Executive — Earn 10 percent overriding commission on all zero rank under your group. Matching Bonus of P2, For Nigerians and Ghanaians, the binary points on the GP are 1, by default. Ghana and Nigeria GP codes will be credited binary points for the uplines in the Philippines.

Underweight and malnutrition Alliance in Motion Global Inc. Direct or personal communication person to person sharing or invitation Indirect or online communication through social media like, facebook A Pro-distributor Compensation Plan AIM Global provides you with a high value income opportunity through its most pro distributor compensation plan.

Diabetes mellitus Type II Tired of your job that is not giving you enough income? Earning millions is not on selling.

AIM Global New Marketing Plan Presentation – 12,980 Upgrade

The questions are, will you ride on with AIM Global? Coffee Arabica with PowerPoint Presentation: Perfect ratio and proportion of the products. The very good thing here is you get P2,AIM Global New Marketing Plan Presentation Here are some of the upgraded changes in the New Marketing Plan.

The New Global Package is now 12, PHP with 1, points and more valuable for money (Philippines GP, African GP may vary). Watch AIM Global Product Presentation.

World's leader to the latest health supplements for improving your health, beauty enhancement and weight reduction. AIM GLOBAL UGANDA: A Good Business To Start For Ugandans. Before I start introducing AIM GLOBAL Uganda, let us first know the history of AIM GLOBAL.

This is a presentation about this opportunity and I am telling you that I am one of the million distributors of AIM GLOBAL so this is not a review but a sharing of helpful information.

I am. Jan 16,  · Opportunity Plan Presentation of Alliance In Motion Global, Inc, by Ms. Jen Contreras For questions about our products and marketing plan, please get in touc.

AIM GLOBAL UGANDA: A Good Business To Start For Ugandans

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AIM Global's excellent business opportunity in the health and wellness sector provides a successful, effective and well-planned pro distributor, high compensation plan and marketing system.

Aim global business presentation cyril
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