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However the massacres of Eastern Orthodox Christians by the crusaders and their rude treatment of the local population ironically contributed to a massive conversion of Christians to Islam after the fall of the Crusader States.

Atiya argues that the spirit of the Crusades did not die out at the end of the thirteenth century, but continued into the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. There was a lot of mistrust, and hatred between Christians and Moslems, and also between Latin and Byzantine Christians.

This gave some result, but trained warriors always looked for outlet of their violent energy. Cox has studied the precursors to the Crusades, demonstrating the relationship between the pilgrimages to the Holy Land that preceded the Crusades and the Crusades themselves.

In a section pgs. The first period of expansion begins with the Arab conquests of the early Middle Ages, as described above, and the second period of expansion begins with the Ottomans in Europe after the successful conquest of the Byzantine Empire. Such rhetoric has modern political uses, of course, as those who employ it typically do so in the promotion of some sort of agenda related to the modern western world, which is seen as the heir of medieval Christendom.

Many of them went to asylums.

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The Seljuk dynasty also extracted high taxes from and sometimes persecuted Christian pilgrims. Between andthese combined forces of the First Crusade destroyed the Turkish army at Dorylaeum, conquered the Syrian city of Antioch, and captured Jerusalem.

They had driven the crusaders from the lands they had settled in the Levant and had been triumphant in the Balkans, occupying far more territory in Europe than the Western settlers had ever held in Palestine and Syria.

The fall of the Carolingan Empire in late ninth century together with the relative stabilization of local borders of European world after converting in Christianity of Slavs, Vikings and Madyars caused the creation of the entire class of warriors who had no other occupation except fighting among themselves and terrorizing the population Thatcher, McNeal, The Protestant-Catholic division of Christians had resulted in European Protestant criticism of the medieval Church and, with it, the crusades.

Thus, a plea for help from the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I in stopping Muslim attacks found a good ground in the Western world. Western civilization wanted to liberate their though not only theirs so-called Holy Lands from the influence of Islam. European histories and source collections of the crusades were published at an extraordinary rate during the 19th century, just as industrialized European states began to establish themselves as imperial powers in much of the non-western world.

The Crusaders were struggling, because a new rule took power; they were known as the Mamluks who came from former slaves held by the sultan, and they took Egypt. This made Catholics across Christendom feel like they had a purpose, and the people were happy and enthused about their situation; instead of feeling like they did not belong to the church, and I think they even tried to convert the Crusaders to Islamic.

It created demands for all types of things like transportation, ship building, and extended the markets. Commercial Exchanges Across the Mediterranean. Christians used to be looked at as infidels by the Muslims.

Mixing pulsing narrative and piercing insight, it exposes the full horror, passion and barbaric grandeur of the crusading era, leading us into a world of legendary champions, such as Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, shadowy assassins, poet-warriors and pious visionaries; across the desert sands of Egypt to the verdant forests of Lebanon, and through the ancient cities of the Constantinople, Cairo and Damascus.

The Crusades sparked a fire of religious fervor among thousands of young knights and other Christian believers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oxford University Press, ; Hillenbrand, Carole.

James has analyzed the developments leading to and the events of the Second Crusade, commenting in particular on the social changes that influenced it. It is no exaggeration to say that international understanding and world peace would benefit significantly from a better understanding of this issue.

In the end the Crusades were merely seen as an exaggerated or uncontrolled time.

However Muslims challenged the crusaders and launched a series of counterattacks to regain control of Jerusalem and Syria. Fundamental passions were involved which touched the identity of Christians, Muslims and Jews and which were sacred to the identity of each.

Krey has studied contemporary accounts of the First Crusade, such as the anonymous Gesta c. The fact is that the Muslims had lost interest….

At the time of the First Crusade Syria had been close to political collapse as rival powers struggled for ascendancy throughout the eastern Mediterranean after the collapse of the Abbasids.

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The years of violence followed. It requires a grasp not only of the Crusades but of the ways those wars have been exploited and distorted for modern agendas. The Crusader States were also dependent on Italian city-states for supplies from Europe.

The strongholds of the Crusaders began to fall to new enemies and despite a few minor expeditions, the crusading movement dwindled to an end.

The Modern Muslim Memory of the Crusades

During the mid-eleventh century, Muslim Turks conquered Syria and Palestine, causing concern among Western Christians. Throop has examined the poetry and songs written during the thirteenth century, demonstrating the way in which these verses represent the subtle opposition of their authors to the papal policies on crusading.

There were knightly orders that rose up throughout the land.

The Crusades Critical Essays

German and French forces suffered serious casualties and failed to regain the lost ground. Essay UK - http: The crusading spirit was used to combat heresy, and for some years to come the ideal of crusades would be used in different circumstances.

There was material development such as commercial enterprise to the trade and commerce of the Italian cities, and last there were many Voyages of Discovery by Marco Polo, and Sir John Mandeville.They certainly do mention the crusades, as Peters and Hammad point out, but in a way that was quite different from modern views.

In medieval histories of the crusades written by Arab authors, the crusades are framed within a larger “triumphalist history” in which the crusaders were inevitably defeated.

The success of the early Crusades also reflected the disarray and weakness of the Arab-Muslim world in the 11th century.

The First Crusade (–99) was preceded by the Peasant Crusade, a crusade of hungry peasants; most died on the way to the Holy Land. The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, by Amin Maalouf Essay - According to Amin Maalouf, “It seems clear that the Arab East still sees the West as a natural enemy.

Against that enemy, any hostile action-be it political, military, or based on oil-is considered no more than legitimate vengeance. Download arab historians of the crusades or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format. Click Download or Read Online button to get arab historians of the crusades book now.

This site is like a library, Use search box in. The Crusades Critical Essays. Homework Help Critics and historians have approached this period of history in a variety of ways, analyzing the details of the historical records, the literature. Essay about Dbq on Causes and Effect of the Crusades and Word Wars Political & Social reasons that caused the Crusades & the World Wars to take place.

These wars had different outcomes; both expected & unexpected ones.

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