Ban smoking on college campuses essay help

Should colleges be allowed to implement smoking bans on their campuses?

But that leaves out a big group of students: Frankly, these laws are Puritan. Last month the Pennsylvania legislature passed a state-wide smoking ban, which was meant to outlaw smoking in public places except for bars.

As college students, I think the main task on campus is study knowledge and we can enjoy the good academic atmosphere. As we all know, smoking is detrimental to our health. To protect the rights of smokers is to limit the rights of everybody else, who should have access to clean air all over campus.

It is not only provide a place for those smokers but also make non-smokers far away from the influence and disturb of cigarette smoking.

It means there is a massive amount of pollution being released into the air every day and it is a huge number that enough to influence the environment. Some people assert that smoking is individual right so that they can smoke on campus while many others argue that smoking on campus is not only related to their own health issue but also influence other non-smokers and environment.

He said the bill was intended to outlaw smoking in most indoor public places. Smoking on campus is still a sensitive topic; it may lead to you suspect this campus ethos and the quality of students.

That would be a true violation of rights, since ice cream and lack of exercise only harm the individual. If fish eat it by mistake, they will die from it. When guys finish smoking, they throw cigarette butts at any place; whether there is a waste bin or not.

Moreover, I want to mention that smoke on campus is also detrimental to environment and it will cause bad influence on every student, faculty member, staff person and visitor on campus.

We all understand that there is no benefit from smoking, even it can bring severly damage to our health and life. I always see the phenomenon that people who smoke on campus or other public areas throw away the cigarette butts on land and on grass.

It is evidently reasonable for some to argue that smoking on campus is not healthy for smoker and non-smoker. Definitely, they have rights to smoke at any place they want, but if their behaviors bring out some negative effects to the public, it must be banned.

There is not only just air pollution caused by cigarettes but also pollute the land and water. But sometimes we walk around campus; it is not difficult for us to find students smoking on public area such as lawn, outside the library and the door of teaching building. Every year we can know that a large amount of people die from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes such as lung cancers, heart diseases and stroke.

This raises the question: Therefore, I just come up with a suggestion that college can bulid a smoking room in specified area for smokers.

However, secondhand smoke is much less of an issue in the open air. On the contrary, some people are still against smoke free on campus; because they hold viewpoint that smoking is their individual stuff. Undeniable, it can produce carbon dioxide and nicotine that cause air pollution when people smoking.As you research this topic, I encourage you to look for reasons why smoking bans have been implemented in places other than college campuses and make direct comparisons.

Consider that entire cities and states have passed smoking bans in restaurants and other commercial businesses. Some 20 percent of university students smoke.

On big campuses like mine (over 20, students), many of these make the university residences their home. At some late-night hour after my university implements its intended ban, a.

Date: 5/6/12 To: From: RE: Argumentative Essay Public Smoking Bans in the US Introduction: In the United States, for every eight smokers that die from tobacco use, one non-smoker dies as well (Clarke ).

With an individuals health rights, the cleanliness around campus, and overall irritation of some of the students at risk, I believe college campus' should become America's new target against smoking and become smoke free. When something starts to validate an individuals health rights, issues will be brought up.5/5(1).

Smoking should not be allowed on college campuses. It is evidently reasonable for some to argue that smoking on campus is not healthy for smoker and non-smoker.

College Should Ban Smoking

As we all know, smoking is detrimental to our health. College campuses are still allowing it, and it is affecting the students. With issues concerning an individuals health rights, the cleanliness of the campus, and irritation of students, I feel that smoking should be banned from campuses.

Ban smoking on college campuses essay help
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