Chapter 2 assignment questions and answers

Because the floating route has an administrative distance of 5, the route is preferred to an OSPF-learned route with the administrative distance of or an EIGRP-learned route with the administrative distance of to the same destination network.

The network administrator needs to configure a default route on the Border router. Therefore, shutting down the interface used as a primary route would allow the floating static route to appear in the routing table.

R1 and R2 must use a dynamic routing protocol. This can help them stand out on a book shelf and be easily recognized.

CCNA 2 (v3 + v0) Chapter 2 Exam Answers 2018 – 100% Full

However, there are many differences to how an ebook is read and used. The static route is removed from the routing table. Physical maps can be opened up and spread out to see a whole area. Static routing can also be more secure because it does not advertise over the network.

Static routing uses fewer router resources than dynamic routing. IP phones — 50 PCs — 70 IP cameras — 10 wireless access points — 10 network printers — 10 network scanners — 2 Which block of addresses would be the minimum to accommodate all of these devices if each type of device was on its own network?

While the digital cover can appear the same on a screen it is less easy to pick it out from others that are stored on the ereader. Paper-based maps are designed as visual representations of a geographical area, such as a city, that are intended to help people find places and plan a route and navigate their way to an unfamiliar destination.

To accommodate this they only show a partial area at any given time, so that it is difficult to get an overall map of a region. One of the disadvantages of losing the physicality of the paperback book is it does not have the same aesthetic appeal when reading it.

Delete the default gateway route on the router. The router automatically redirects the static route to use another interface.

The conceptual model is to provide a means of reading text from pages and to be able to move from page to page. Configuring a default static route creates a gateway of last resort.

Configure a static default route from R1 to Edge, a default route from Edge to the Internet, and a static route from Edge to R1. An ebook is downloaded from an online store as a file and stored on one device.

When the next-hop IP address is used, the route is a recursive static route. The administrative distance on a floating static route is put at the end of the static route:Feb 06,  · CCNA 2 v + v + v Chapter 2 Exam Answers % Updated Full Questions latest - Routing and Switching Essentials.

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Home / Resources / Chapter 2 / Assignment Comments. Chapter 2: Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction Chapter Introduction | Web Resources | Assignment Comments | Teaching Materials | Quickvote. The main purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how a digital artifact has been designed based on the same.

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Chapter 2 Quiz 1 Assignment with Answers - Exercise. Chapter 4 Quiz 2 Assignment with Answers University of South Florida PHC - Spring Chapter 4 Quiz 2 Assignment with Answers.

5 pages. Chapter 2/Module 1 Slides "Data Collection and Study Design" Exam 1 Review with Sample Questions and Answers50%(2). Chapter 2 Assignment questions and answers 1. A jewelry store makes necklaces and bracelets from gold and platinum.

The store has 20 ounces of gold, 24 ounces of platinum. View Notes - Chapter 2 Assignment Answers from ECONOMIC at Pittsburg State University. Interactive Session: Technology: Can Airlines Solve Their Baggage Handling?

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Chapter 2 assignment questions and answers
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