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Where the older generation has lived out their dream of freedom, the younger generation grows up with much wider opportunities in life and all this freedom makes them search for guidelines.

The theme is fanaticism. In addition, Parvez disrespects his wife by ordering her to cook the pork. Ali focuses his thoughts on the Koran, a Muslim form of belief that denies him the pleasure of society in which he lives.

Kureishi shows how living in a new society can cause one to lose fundamental family values and disrupt family happiness. Ali also mentions his father has broken many other rules of the Koran since they moved to England.

Parvez is trying his best to make Ali a successful accountant, who lives by Christian rules and integrates him self in the English society. The underlying theme is the struggle they face in a new society.

With all the compromises and losses Parvez suffers in his migration; he appears to take them as a part of his experience and adventure of life; to him it seems to be worth the price.

My son the Fanatic

Palatine, Illinois, p. My son the fanatic is a really tough story about the fanaticism. More essays like this: We have to fit in!

We have to fit in! All the way through the text Ali was the one being fanatic, but now the roles have changed. During this, Kureishi touches on the topics fanaticism and religion, and how these can change ones behavior towards ones family. Ali feels so strongly about these injustices that the entire concept of his British identity becomes abhorrent to him, and he rejects every single aspect of it.

In the story Parvez is struck dumb and makes no further attempt to understand these beliefs, or even to discuss or debate them. In the beginning they have a really good relationship just like brothers, but they end up like strangers to each other.

There is a sharp contrast in the way Parvez and his son Ali deal with the sense of belonging and being a part of society.My son the Fanatic Essays: OverMy son the Fanatic Essays, My son the Fanatic Term Papers, My son the Fanatic Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

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My Son the Fanatic Essay Sample

“My Son the Fanatic” is a short story by Hanif Kureishi about /5(1). My Son the Fanatic Essay Sample. Parvez is worried about his son and the sudden change in his behavior.

For years Parvez boasted to his friends about his son, but now a problem had occurred that Parvez couldn’t tell them about. ENGELSK B HTX BENJAMIN BOOTH 1/4 MY SON THE FANATIC ESSAY The clashes between Muslim culture and the western, has caused many problems over the years, because of the inability to accept each other’s religions and lifestyles.

Apr 15,  · Analyse how Hanif Kureishi’s “My Son the Fanatic” represents and explores conflicting notions of modern British identity.

As well as ethnic and racial tensions, you might look at questions of generational difference, gender, religion, empire, class. Use textual evidence from the story to justify your interpretation, and pay.

"My Son the Fanatic" is a short story by Hanif Kureishi about a teenage boy, Ali and his father, Parvez who are immigrants of Pakistan now living in England.

Essay on my son the fanatic
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