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So why, if the evidence is so damning, does the moon landing conspiracy endure?

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And why would I join him? But giving such a high-profile media platform to the conspiracy theorists and letting them go unchallenged is a very dangerous move; it infers undeserved credibility to their claims, meaning more people take them seriously.

Funding It is claimed that NASA faked the landings to forgo humiliation and to ensure that it continued to get funding. As they say in this business, roll the tape.

The Moon Landing Conspiracy

The whole point of faking a Moon landing was to fool the Soviets but it seems that they knew about it all along. In fact, we have a number of satellittes orbiting around the Moon which have taken many pictures of all the landing sites before. The Lunar Module should have kicked up dust as it landed.

I felt so relieved, and made immediate plans to move my family back to New York and patch up my fraying marriage. In the top image, we see the iconic photograph of an Apollo astronaut descending the ladder onto the lunar surface. The Apollo samples do not possess those same qualities.

Why should Columbus Day be a national holiday and the first man on the moon not? However, the lunar module is standing on flat ground and the rocks are located on a small bump similar setting has been also recreated by the Mythbusters, proving the conspiracy wrong 3.

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Your review has been posted. Proving a hoax would have been a huge propaganda win for the Soviets. The Poisoned Belt Argument: Overpeople working on the project have been involved and they all kept quiet because NASA used their vast amounts of money to bribe all the people involved.

Moon Landing

Watching astronauts exploring is an almost hypnotic experience that will only bring needed attention to space exploration and to the history of the subject.

One evening, late, the phone rang. When a rocket blasts off from Earth, air pressure helps kick everything around. These images clearly show the equipment left on the moon by astronauts, their footprints, and all the wheel tracks left by their moon-buggies. Another argument is that photos the astronauts "took" contain flaws.The Moon Landing Conspiracy Academic Essay Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Research Paper: This paper will examine some aspect of radio or television history to be chosen by you.

Essay:Moon hoax theories united. From RationalWiki This essay is an original work by It does not necessarily reflect the views expressed in RationalWiki's Mission Statement, but we welcome discussion of a broad range As time went by the evil NASA decided to fake the Moon Landing.

President Kennedy had to be assassinated in. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was the chief supporter of the moon landing attempts during the time period, and later was followed by his presidential counterpart, John F.

Kennedy. Bythe United States was far ahead of /5(5). 4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons the Moon Landing Was NOT a Hoax!” This was a very well done essay, I came out with more knowledge than I had before. Thanks! Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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The United States Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the moon on 20 July.

Essay:Moon hoax theories united

Their has been a big debate over the question "Was the moon landing a hoax?" Many skeptics have found "proof" that the moon landing never happened, but I have found reasons to back up all of the claims.

I believe the moon landing has happened, and there is a great deal of proof to show it has.

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Essay on the moon landing
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