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Some contend, in fact, that Roosevelt: On the morning of December 8th,President Theodore Roosevelt prepared his speech that was to be given to joint session of Congress in the chamber of the House of Representatives at While the decision making process up until the time of the bombing could be said to have been rational, this rationality was thrown into a swirl of confusion, anger, and hatred once the bombing occurred.

An additional aircraft had been damaged; however 80 percent of these were later salvaged. Americans approval of Japanese internment following the events of Pearl Harbor 7.

The most important strength that the U. Each added to the decision making process as to whether or not the U. This factor was, of course, the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor 2. During a lull in the air attacks this submarine was sighted just as it was firing a torpedo at the seaplane tender Curtis. Only the Maryland, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania escaped torpedo damage.

After an astounding 6 months a triumph, Japan was halted. But only some days later, American dive bombers found both carriers and destroyed the enemy by torpedoes. There were hundreds of aircrafts covering the sky, so they could attack from all directions. And they definitely would not stand without any retaliation on Japan.

December 7th, At 7: They wanted to make sure to mention Hawaii in all the clutter, to confuse them. It was the biggest explosion that was never ending, the skies filled with fire and black smoke from the aftermath, aircrafts swarming the skies destroying everything. One of the greatest lessons was the manner in which our power could be wielded to accomplish even the most self-centered of our goals.

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A Pearl Harbor essay should have information about the lack of support that the Americans initially got for the war. This was a long process over many months. The commander could have launched a third wave but decided not to, but by not launching the third wave he left many of Pearl Harbors dockyards and oil storage tanks intact.

A Pearl Harbor essay should have information on the attack.

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For the loss of only nine fighters, 15 dive-bombers, and 5 torpedo-bombers out of the planes engaged, the Japanese navy had succeeded in putting out of action the entire battleship force of the US Pacific Fleet. This timing was to allow fifty minutes prior to the actual bombing in order to give the United States time to agree to a compromise on the Hull requirements and meeting international requirements regarding a declaration of war.

Aircrafts were destroyed; Americans tried to salvage what they could and fight back. All of the battle ships that were sunk in Pearl Harbor were raised except the Arizona were repaired and put back into service thus making the United States Navy rely more on their carriers.

From the Japanese point of view, it can only be seen as a success that they were able to sink many battle ships, destroy many aircraft and end the lives of many soldiers at such a small physical price. While the decision of the moment may have been considered irrational by some historians, this temporary irrationality was completely tempered by the thought process which had occurred prior to that one inflammatory moment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the American people would not stand being attacked.

By bombing Pearl Harbor the Japanese invoked not only the military might of the United States but also her political and economic power.

The Triparite Pact has been concluded, and we cannot help it. In the initial hours following the bombing, however, numerous cultural and ideological factors entered into the decision making process.

On June 4th, American patrol planes found the enemy carriers and were destroyed by torpedo-bombers and dive-bombers from the American carrier decks.Pearl Harbor Research Paper Pearl Harbor was a naval base located in Hawaii (the homeport of the Pacific Fleet).

It was considered by most a wonderful “home away from home” for the men who preserved America’s interests abroad.  Attack on Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor was the first foreign attack on the United States territory and also the longest attack on the U.S.

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soil. The day after Pearl Harbor Theodor Roosevelt gave his famous speech while asking Congress to declare war. Within his speech Theodor Roosevelt said “No matter how long it may take us to overcome this.

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Pearl Harbor Battle Analysis On a pleasant and beautiful Sunday, December 7,Japan implemented a surprise attack on the US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii which gave United States a door to enter into World War II. On December 7th,Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese air force relentlessly.

On that horrible day over Americans died because of that attack, and even more were injured. This cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor angered the U.S.A. and immediately brought us into the war. The U.S.A.

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