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Shoe factories were told to limit the height of shoe heels to one inch and allowed for only six color choices. People were slimming down and the ideal woman had a slender figure. For women, nylons stocking were banned.

The United States was still short in employment, and thats where women had made a big impact. Black Muslim leader Malcolm X aimed to steer black youths from conflicts with religious values and pride in their black heritage.

By the end of the sixties, pop music was the main force in fashion. Today whats is in are short shorts, skirts and dresses, tight clothing and crop tops. Formal gowns and cocktail dresses were dramatic.

In an effort to comply with the restrictions imposed on them, American designers created a new style of suits for women. Because of the depressing times women and men simplified there clothing. There was also a celebration of trash culture that Fashion trends in the fifties essay in bright colors and used cheap materials like plastic, nylon, and acrylic.

Alternative medical practices were growing with things like acupuncture and herbal medication. There are other sizes in that shirt, dress, jeans, skirt, etc.

Fashion in 60s

There was a revolution in relationships between men and women with contraceptives more easily attainable. Television was now in many households, and Americans copied what they saw. World War II changed the world of fashion forever. The freedom of extra cash meant room for more imagination and creativity, bringing out new and provocative fashion ideas.

Another favorite was the shirtwaist dress, like Lucy made famous on the, I love Lucy show. Fashion just kept getting crazier every decade.

People may say that the true years of fashion began in the late nineteen forties and went on through the early nineteen sixties. The evening scene was one of great formality that had not existed since the roaring twenties.

Also, black fashions like the afro were becoming ever more popular. Just to fit in those tiny sizes that the fashion industry makes. My mother was one of the experimenters of the early days. Second hand clothing became more wide spread and designers made new clothing from old.

There were no hemline headlines. Designers took notice of this and created styles that helped fit women into new career roles. Young women expressed the responsibility of their positions by being as ladylike as possible: These dresses could be worn at pool parties, back yard barbecues, and at night to almost any non-formal event.

Over the years clothing started getting more revealing if you pay attention. With extra cash in their pockets, they were able to spend more and had begun to refashion themselves accordingly.

Cardigans matched skirts and sheath evenign dresses replaced the long flowing gowns of the thirties Keogh. The seventies continued on with scientific breakthroughs like the first test-tube baby, and advanced ultra sounds and organ transplants.

The focus was on baby-booming family and being a good housewife, which was the ultimate measure of success Keogh. Since women were replacing jobs for men in factories there clothing had to be loose fitting and comfortable. I will never think this is a right thing to do.

Women would use the art of sewing, or making there own clothing by putting fabrics together. Women were forced to recycle there clothing, or hand them down to other women when the clothing was not being used for example, the wedding dress, It was a way of conserving fabrics Thomas.

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If you look back through the past sixty years of fashion, you may notice a pattern. People may say that /5(1). All in all, the fashion of the ’s seemed to be a conglomeration of many different styles. The decade's fashions were heavily influenced by television and was reflected in the way people dressed.

The fashion of the ’s seemed to be influenced by television, movies, and movie stars. Essay on Fashion Trends in the Fifties Words | 7 Pages Fashion Trends in the Fifties “It was different in the USA, where wartime restrictions had been quickly removed, and where the new ‘consumer society’ was forging ahead – helped by new developments such as the start of the credit card system in The start of the s was full of prosperity and conservation.

It was the time after WW2 had end and many women sought opportunities to buy famous designer clothing. This was the time of conservationism and it showed through women's clothing. The fifties definably showed the gender roles of the /5(2).

Along with this latest fashion ideal, it was also popular for Fifties women to wear fashion staples such as, stiletto heels, bright red lipstick, hats, and gloves.

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Fashion trends in the fifties essay
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