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The Department of Homeland Security

In the text Hughes states that change is needed if we are to achieve this dream. The department has faced several criticisms regarding its operations and policies.

Through its National Operations Center, information sharing is coordinated to help deter, detect, and prevent terrorist acts. Thus, the Department of Homeland Security ensures that it has focus on informational analysis.

According to Annenberg Public Policy Center the number of committees rose from 86 committees in to in Since its formation, several issues have arisen regarding its leadership and policy.

Theoretical and Conceptual Knowledge of the Department of Homeland Security

This will mitigate the impact of terrorist acts and the number of casualties during such incidents. Department of Homeland Security, The agencies that are responsible for curbing terrorism through intelligence gathering and synthesis are: We discriminate against each other which makes it harder to achieve our goals and dreams.

This essay analyses the functions of homeland security and the policies governing its formation and operations. As a conclusion, urgent measures are needed to streamline and address the issues facing the department of homeland security.

The FEMA therefore helps protect the country from current and potential terrorist attacks by equipping the citizens with the basic knowledge about acts of terrorism and giving them the necessary know how so as for them to be able to protect themselves should such attacks occur.

Finally, it also monitors cyber security and possibilities of terror activities. It also ensures that should acts of terrorism occur, there are sufficient responses so as to mitigate the impacts of terrorism.

The Homeland Of The Free

Fragmented oversight by the congress has made management of the department a challenge. The ICE countermeasures against foreign terrorism involve targeting illegal immigrants: Audits of the department have revealed a lot of wastage and flaws that are within the department.

It is also helpful in providing information to investigators who are working on electronic crime cases.

The Office of Operations Coordination The Office of Operations Coordination is responsible for providing the necessary monitoring of the security of United States against terrorism by fusing different information from different sources so as to point out possible threats of terrorist attacks.

However, there are only a lesser number which comprises the major components, government agencies and offices that currently make up and help the department in attaining its counterterrorism goals and objectives.

These agencies are also herein described as to their primary functions and responsibilities so as to have an understanding on how they help in protecting the United States from domestic and foreign terrorism. The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Countermeasures Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons are among the most dangerous and deadliest that can be possibly employed by terrorists.

Hughes believes the dream is made out of three things: Another equally important and useful component of the Directorate is the Cyber and Telecommunications which is responsible in preventing and mitigating a modern form of terrorism: They range from cyber crimes to terrorist attacks.

Thus, the DHS has focus on emergency preparedness and responses. Many people view it as a waste of public resources. It is also valuable in fighting against many forms of terrorism such that it investigates on different activities that can be possibly utilized for acts of terrorism.

The responsibilities of the United States Secret Service is to protect the country from threats oftentimes employed by terrorists which include the creation of fear among the public such as when the public experiences computer based attacks or some forms of cyberterrorism; and trying to convince citizens that their government is powerless in preventing terrorist attacks such as what may happen when financial crimes occur.The Homeland Of The Free Essays: OverThe Homeland Of The Free Essays, The Homeland Of The Free Term Papers, The Homeland Of The Free Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers. Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Computers and Homeland Security - Computers and Homeland Security Homeland Security is one of the most important.

As a conclusion, urgent measures are needed to streamline and address the issues facing the department of homeland security.

Homeland of the Free

However, in the face of modern security threats, we cannot downplay the importance of the Department of Homeland Security’s activities. Homeland security will require greater levels of domestic intelligence in the future.

Foreign intelligence has indicated that the purpose of intelligence both foreign and domestic is to facilitate precise application of governmental power. Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Computers and Homeland Security - Computers and Homeland Security Homeland Security is one of the most important departments in the United States.

In such efforts, the United States government established the Department of Homeland Security, the objectives of which would be “to secure borders, synthesize and analyze intelligence on terrorist threats, work with state and local authorities in threat preparedness, protect the public from weapons of mass destruction, help train and .

Homeland of the free essay
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