India needs leadership

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India needs leadership Essay

But there are specific actions that are complementary to the leadership commitment. I think it is important to emphasise the message that we India needs leadership better tax compliance in this country and, to the extent we can do it without unleashing inspector raj, I think it is important that people pay up.

PM Manmohan is my second guru: And he has no sufficient knowledge for taking decision for the country. They should have the leaded capability to lead a country. Jan 4, Hai, I am Nithya from Madurai, Well according to me, there is a need of good leaders in our country.

He should be educated and having patriotic feeling. Another theme that you have spoken about in your book — and I know that you are writing on this theme as well — the issue of populist nationalism. I want to serve my country, my motherland who has given me so much, I want to contribute the same to my mother, India.

And our issues can only be resolved in this way. An alternative approach is partner with colleges to groom women talent as pipeline for new hires.

Even Manmohan Singh, the most soft-spoken of Indian politicians will not be a benign dictator, forget anyone else. Jun 15, I think India needs more educated and pragmatic leaders rather than the ones sentimentally and ideologically attached to the people of India.

I belong to a middle-class family from Kolkata, have risen from deep root values and morale, passion about the job, simple and free mind, experienced hardships, conflicts at all the levels.

Need for Good Leaders in India

If we do know where people have hidden their money and we cannot enforce tax compliance, we have a very biased governance structure where the poor salaried worker pays their taxes while everybody else runs off and enjoys the money that they have saved from the taxpayer.

So, I think, there is a system in which illiberal democracy flourishes and that system also needs to be tackled rather than specific leaders. Well, it prevents you from falling too far, because democracy always has the solution: For example biharUP etc.

Oct 7, Most of the Indians believe in family, this is our culture and India is being living like this for centuries. But now-a-days most of the people think that no good leaders exist these days and all are blinded by corruption. A dictator will not allow non-violent protests most certainly, so they will take to violent protests someday.

India needs stronger leadership in dealing with hostile neighbours. The minister, who has the gift of the gab, would have to realise that his is a ministry with a big profile.

Points of View

Now the question arises what exactly these good leaders are like, or should be. India needs a really strong leader who can make the country safe enough for our women to move around fearlessly, with their heads held high. Oct 11, Hallo. So I do not see leadership as always listening, but I see it as sometimes convincing and saying we must move in this direction because we have to, it is needed.

You are making a very interesting point, that for democracy to succeed and to push growth, it actually has to have a really good leader.This is the group discussion on "Need for Good Leaders in India".

India needs a good leader in every field. In education, transport, banking sector and etc. a good leader. India doesn't have a good leadership. Corruption is the virus which making India poor and underdeveloping country. It's time not to fight among us.

Let's be united. GASS, our partner organisation in South India and our first social franchisee in Asia was established in to meet the needs of marginalized communities in rural parts of Karnataka.

To date, GASS has already reached 5, people, and organised regular mental health clinics to provide diagnosis and treatment for them. There is a system in which illiberal democracy flourishes and that system needs to be tackled.

Sep 04,  · India demands and deserves better leadership, says Vivek Gumaste | What India needs is leadership, not rage, Mr Prime Minister Both Dr Singh and. India's government wants 20 percent of its young people to have access to higher education by In order to accomplish this, India needs to train and recruit at least 1 million new faculty members and higher education leaders.

To meet this goal and several others, U.S. President Barack Obama and. The politics of India has rotted to its very core. It needs cleansing.

What India needs is leadership, not rage, Mr Prime Minister

Not electing clowns and criminals to Parliament and state legislatures would be a good start.

India needs leadership
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