Input output storage devices speed

By using a bar code scanner the user does not have to rely on manually inputting numbers into a keypad. The reflected light is received by the photocells. Resume and Memorandum; again the Laser printer is the best method as it can reproduce this document on many types of media and provides a neat clean appearance.

Floppy Disk; this is considered a secondary storage and offers the great economy, access and portability. Because statistical reports tend to be long, this printer would do a fine job and also not cost a lot of money.

The data processed is more than just the price, it affects inventory and is used to generate reports necessary for the retailer and manufacturer. The CD-ROM is a disk that cannot be recorded on once it has data written onto it, and is most appropriate for companies to store computer games or programs for the consumer to use.

Magnetic tape is usually used to back up disk drives and to store data offsite for recovery in case of a disaster Reynolds, A micro phone is used to convert human speech into electric signals.

Input, Output, Storage Devices, Speed Paper

It looks like an ordinary camera, but no film is used therein, instead a CCD changed coupled Divide Electronic chip in used. Output Device can produce the final product of machine processing into a form usable by humans. The drum then rolls through toner tiny plastic particles of pigment that are attracted to the charged areas of the drum.

Data on a floppy disk is the slowest method which is why it is being phased out and replaced by faster methods like the CD-ROM. Telephone survey - The best method of data for this situation would be a voice input device.

The tags must also have these bar codes on them for this to properly work. You can gain system speed if you can shorten the interval between those pulses. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and explain why: You can be prepared for what a support person may ask and know in what format to provide the answer.

The light is absorbed by the dark areas but reflected from the bright areas. Each situation would benefit from its own unique output method.

Data on hard disks can be retrieved quickly because the disk spins. Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why: Sound Output Computers also produce sound output, ranging from simple beeps alerting the user, to impressive game sound effects, to concert quality music.

S Census uses this method of input. This is referred to as direct access, and significantly speeds up the system. The user spins the ball in various directions to effect the screen movements. Get More Ideas For Brainstorming: Different types of storage devices are optimal for different situations.

Other Printers Laser Printer Multi-function printers are available that not only operate as a computer printer, but also include the hardware needed to be a scanner, photocopier, and FAX machine as well.

You can always use it to send email, text or post bits of information.

Essay Example: Methods of Data Input, Output, Storage and Speed

This methods has you answer basic yes and no or answers containing only numbers. When light falls, on the chip though the lens, it converts light waves into electrical waves.

Your reader can go directly to the bit of information without having to read the entire disk trying to find it. When examining the input of data one finds many different ways or types of information that can be stored on a computer. Citations Stair, Ralph M.

When a close match is found, the word is recognized. The ball has 2 wheels of the sides, which in turn mousse with the movement of the ball.

Laser printers are faster than ink jet printers. Printed questionnaires - The best method for data input would be a keyboard. Memorandum- The best output for this would be a high volume printer. The message typed on the keyboard reaches the memory unit of a computer. This is when a microchip is placed on or in an item that allows store readers to constantly count the inventory on the shelves and helps with loss control Reynolds, Retail Tags; if you have purchased any type of clothing recently you will be familiar with this type of input.

Color Photograph; Laser printers are the best method of producing this type of output. Knowing how the most efficient way of inputting data can aid in daily functioning.Input and Output Devices: Links to topics on this page: Before a computer can process your data, you need some method to input the data into the machine.

The device you use will depend on what form this data takes (be it text, sound, artwork, etc.). Hardware: Input, Processing, and Output Devices Computer Systems Hardware Components functions of input, processing, data storage, and output.

The input device might be a keyboard, the output device might be a monitor, a communication device might be a modem, a secondary storage and various output devices. • Registers: High-speed. Hardware- Input, Processing, And Output Devices - Free download as Word Doc .doc) or read online for free.

Scribd is the world's largest 4/4(4). Input and Output Devices by Dinesh Thakur Category: Memory The devices which are used to input the data and the programs in the computer are known as " Input Devices ". or Input device can read data and convert them to a form that a computer can use.

Free College Essay Explanation of Input, Output, Storage Devices and Speed. Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations.

Storage Devices Where there is input and output, there is always a place to store the information either long term or temporarily. Computer systems need to store greater amounts of data, instructions, and information in a more permanent manner than the main memory of a computer will allow.

Input output storage devices speed
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