Medical studies in ust

Medical seniors do actual community work that is related to the implementation of public health programs through Primary Health Care approaches. Its concerns include not only monitoring of the curriculum content, teaching strategies and evaluation processes but also of faculty development programs.

This is a 45 days rotation in the Department of Obstetrics both at the pay and clinical divisions of the hospital, and at the Fabella Hospital. The topics that are included in the Special Senses and Specialized Tissues Blocks are eye metabolism and biochemistry of the connective tissue.

A short course in physical diagnosis demonstrates the techniques in history taking and physical examination, and how these vary in the newborn infant through childhood and adolescence.

A satisfactory performance in a practical examination per semester is required to pass the subject. The Gastrointestinal Block deals with digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, energy metabolism, bioenergetics and biological oxidation. Learning activities consist of lectures, class discussions, readings, laboratory work, data evaluation, sessions and laboratory conferences, student Medical studies in ust reports, case discussion, film projections and research projects.

The Faculty is committed to training the next generation of physicians, as well as researchers and educators, to be competent, committed, and compassionate practitioners across a wide range of medical disciplines. Various methods of management therapy are discussed not only in their principles but in their actual application.

The course is given to second year medical students for a total of 17 hours for one semester. The terms forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence are often employed as synonymous.

The course includes the morphology, biology, life cycles and classification of parasites in man. Likewise, traditional, alternative and integrative medicine approaches are explored. Its emphasis is on family dynamics, family life cycle, impact of illness on the family, tools for family assessment and doctor-patient relationship.

The national health situation is highlighted as well. Clinical Pathology The course aims to acquaint students with the scientific use of clinical laboratories Hematology, Clinical Microscopy, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Blood Banking as a basis for the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

For the students seminars, the students are assigned by teams to research on specific seminar topics, the output of which the students present in a conference attended by the other students and their respective faculty staff.

University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

It is advantageous for a medical practitioner to have acquaintance with the manner in which he may come in contact with the legal authorities and to have some knowledge of the legal procedure.

Teaching strategies consist of lecture-discussion, field visits, seminar-workshops, individual work and group presentations. This is a semestral subject given to second year medical students, four hours a week for a total of 68 hours.

A clinico-pathologic correlation during brain-cutting sessions is held every Wednesday. It also focuses on rights of patients, human rights, bioethics committees and the role of physician in advocacy.

This data complemented the year study on outcome improvements using PBL conducted at Harvard School of Medicine from to It is divided into 4 modules consisting of 2 to 3 major subspecialties.


Preventive pediatrics with emphasis on the expanded program of immunization EPI is taken. Both institutions were saved by Dr. An integrated problem-solving approach to actual cases is emphasized, likewise developing the attitude of self-learning among students.

It is given a total of hours. Teaching strategy includes correlates, small group tutorials, skills laboratory and projection and demonstration of parasites commonly found in the Philippines. Medical jurisprudence on the other hand denotes knowledge of law in relation to the practice of medicine.

The requirements in the rotation include passing the mini-revalida and the performance of identified basic surgical procedures. Department of Legal Medicine The course deals with the study of the medical aspects of law and legal aspects of medicine.

The course consists of general lectures, classroom group discussions, case presentation sessions, and an exhibit of clinical images. Bioethics IV Clinical-Moral CasesFourth year students, or Medical Clerks, present clinical cases and analyze them from a medical and ethical perspective with the assistance of the teaching staff of the Department of Bioethics and some noted resource persons.

Pediatrics I is a semestral subject with 34 hours. Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Anesthesiology is taught to undergraduate medical students with the aim of providing a formal integrated program of instruction in Anesthesia and pain control, which they hopefully can apply later as doctors in regions where Anesthesiologists are non-existent.

Conferences, Bedside Teaching, and Grand Rounds are activities where students can avail of the expertise and experience of the Consultant and Resident Staff. The course is given during a one week rotation.Jul 28,  · medical studies at the university of santo tomas () AM No comments -After finishing the first year of a course in Philosophy and Letters (), Rizal transferred to the medical course.

Chapter V: Medical Studies at the University of Santo Tomas () Rizal Enters the UNIVERSITY Cont. Romances With Other Girls Cont. - LEONOR VALENZUELA LEONOR RIVERA VICTIM OF SPANISH OFFICER’S BRUTALITY ROMANCES WITH OTHER GIRLS Father Pablo Ramon FINISHES SURVEYING COURSE IN ATENEO.

After finishing the Fourth Year of his medical course, Rizal decided to study in Spain. He could no longer endure the rampant bigotry, discrimination, and hostility in the University of Santo Tomas. He did not seek his parent’s permission and blessings to go abroad; and even his beloved Leonor.

University of Santo Tomas Graduate School. Master’s Degree Programs. A) APPLIED SCIENCES. Master of Science in Architecture. Clinical Pharmacology is given to the fourth year students handled by Pharmacology Faculty Staff members in the Clinical Department. hours/week, during their rotation through Clinical Clerkship under the major departments at the UST hospital (USTH).

The University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (simply "UST-Medicine" or "UST-Med") is the medical school of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest and largest Catholic university in Manila, Philippines.

Established inthe faculty is the first medical school in the Philippines.

Medical studies in ust
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