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Duke, who is perpetually nervous around women, tries to escape, but Jeannie does everything in her power to get him to notice her "Do it Again". The senator proclaims the day a joyous one and all are free to pursue their new and surprising loves.

Jimmy realizes that Billie has rushed to the boathouse to sail away forever, and he rushes to swear his devotion to her. But Nice works before vows are exchanged, Cookie and Duke rush in, pretending to be Prohibition Agents, though Chief Berry quickly enters and reveals Nice works true identities.

Cookie and Duke rush back on, and Billie tells them that she found a place to store their bootleg — a Long Island beach house. The Duchess barrels on to instruct Cookie in the finer points of luncheon preparation.

Outside, a trio of bootleggers — Cookie, Billie and Duke — are trying to figure out where to hide the cases of gin they have stashed on their boat. And on the ritzy terrace under a starry night, love has blossomed, the bootleg is opened and the company celebrates their new found joy "They All Laughed!

Jeannie is furious, so Duke tries to win her over with a poem "Blah Blah Blah"but Jeannie rushes away. A police whistle pierces the air, and the bootleggers scatter.

However, in it was announced that the musical was "officially postponed", due to a change in the producing team; Connick ultimately left the project. But Billie will have none of it. But Billie accidentally pours some steaming soup onto Eileen, who immediately fires her. They were married that morning, and they are on their honeymoon, though Eileen has yet to allow Jimmy to touch her.

As a stranger approaches, Duke and Cookie rush off. Jimmy assumes Billie is falling for him, but Billie insists that love is for suckers. After he drags off the Duchess, an angry Jimmy calls Billie a common criminal, and they realize that they can never be together.

Chief Berry, who has been pursuing Billie, barges in to arrest her. Eileen enters with a flourish, and just as she is about to let Jimmy touch her, he receives a telegram revealing that his last wife has refused to sign the annulment, and an irate Eileen storms off to get her father.

In the ritzy living room, Cookie and Billie devise a plan for Billie to distract Jimmy from the cases of gin in his cellar. A drunken Jimmy staggers and comes across the pants-wearing Billie and is immediately smitten.

The Duchess, now happily drunk, defends Billie and reveals a deep secret as she grabs onto Cookie, climbs on the luncheon table and swings from a chandelier "Looking for a Boy". As Eileen beelines towards the cellar to get the wedding china, Jimmy and Cookie frantically distract the wedding party away from the basement " Fascinating Rhythm " as the curtain falls.

Four and a half hours later, Eileen is still bathing "Delishious". She exits into the house as Billie enters, stunned to see Jimmy. As the luncheon begins, Cookie and Duke frantically serve the luncheon guests, and the Duchess continues to annoy Cookie, who spikes her lemonade with Gin.

Eileen Evergreen, the finest interpreter of modern dance in the world, enters with Jimmy. The next morning, Jeannie, a happy-go-lucky chorus girl, comes upon Duke, a lug from New Jersey, and mistakes him for an actual English Duke.

Jimmy has no choice but to marry Eileen, and Billie pretends to be a cockney maid so she can stick around and guard the bootleg. At that time, the show was titled Heaven on Earth. In the ritzy bedroom, Cookie is dressing Jimmy for his wedding as Billie enters to return his wallet.Nice Work are pleased to be helping stage the Purbeck Outdoor Weekend including the Purbeck Running Festival.

Swanage, Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast has spectacular history, landscapes and views and has been home to 5/5(35). “Nice Work If You Can Get It” originally started off as a reworking of the Gershwin-Bolton-Wodehouse musical “Oh, Kay!” Book writer Joe DiPietro, though, gave that work a complete overhaul, creating a classic ’20s Broadway musical as viewed through a more knowing yet affectionate contemporary lens.

Jimmy assumes Billie is falling for him, but Billie insists that love is for suckers. Jimmy vehemently disagrees ("Nice Work If You Can Get It").

Jimmy passes out, and Billie focuses on this interesting man unconscious on the ground before her ("Nice Work If You Can Get It - Reprise"). Nice Work is a professional event management company specialising in organising road running events.

We organise road running races from 5K to marathon distance on behalf of running clubs, community groups and charities. NICE is a simple word with many complexities.

It can express satisfaction and delight or describe something crafted with great skill and care.

It can express satisfaction and delight or describe something crafted with great skill and care. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nice Work (@niceworkparis).

Nice works
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