Of mice and men was written in a period when mentally disabled people were treated like outcasts ess

So how does Steinbeck present mental disability? This view was similar to the treatment of the elderly and unproductive, also read the context of Elderly in s America.

Disability in Of Mice and Men

This is a key difference between he and someone who would intentionally hurt or kill. Just how many of those boxes would Lennie tick? As with all social history behind a novel, what is written here is relevant to your understanding of the novel and its context, and you should make mention of it in the exam if the opportunity to do so presents itself, but remember you are being asked about a work of literature, not to write a history essay.

Lennie is mentally challenged. A depressing depiction indeed. Modern farming and modern animal husbandry are all based on the principles of genetics: Perhaps she was really his mother and in which case, what had happened to his father — why would she not say that she was his mother? We never know his history — his so-called Aunt Clara took him in and raised him.

If the law says that some people are not fit to breed, then surely that is reason enough not to like them, not to employ them, to think of them as an underclass, as undesirable, as unfit. Was George right to do so? While compensation for serious accidents was sometimes offered, the amount was often significantly below what a modern reader would expect.

InCalifornia moved to death by gas chamber instead of death by hanging. You can see how this started people thinking about how parental qualities could be passed on to their children and grandchildren, but it was thirty years before anyone started really thinking about what we inherit and what are qualities that are passed on in our DNA.

Inshe became a member of the Eugenics society, some fifty years after Galton first began publishing his views and theories. Both state prisons in California were permitted to carry out the death penalty. Therefore, in Of Mice and MenGeorge believes that Lennie will live a far better life outside of an institution rather than in an institution.

The so-called scientists and doctors behind the eugenics policies played hard and fast with whatever they thought to be an undesirable quality. But George can not be there at every moment of every day.

Immigration for non-white, non-Anglo-Saxon, non-protestant countries was limited. Lennie has no other place to go. His theory of natural selection suggested that qualities would survive or diminish depending on a range of factors.

He loves soft, cuddly things but with his brute strength, he tends to accidentally injure or crush things. So just how did they determine those not fit to reproduce?

We like to forget that other countries besides Nazi Germany had eugenics policies of their own. First, on a day-to-day level, you have the fear and stigma attached to mental capacity. Even Plato, the Ancient Greek philosopher, said that breeding of human beings should be controlled by the state.

An IQ of less than 70 meant sterilisation in some states. Heavy tranquillisation and assembly line methods of support were the norm. Given this difference intentit stands to reason that certain considerations should be made for a mentally ill person who commits a crime and that such considerations should not be given to someone who has no mental handicaps.The mere fact George had to lie to the boss shows how unforgiving people were about the mentally disabled.

One other thing: retarded and mentally handicapped are not really nice terms to use and are generally offensive. Of mice and men was written in a period when mentally disabled people were treated like outcasts.

Should the mentally ill be treated the same as any other criminal?

They were treated like that simply because they were different. Mental people were thought to be almost like a different species. Feb 07,  · Disability in Of Mice and Men. Posted on February 7, Mengel’s works had been discovered and modern dog breeds like the German Shepherd were clearly identifiable.

Modern farming and modern animal husbandry are all based on the principles of genetics: what you have that you can pass on to your offspring, and whether you.

Lennie is a perfect example of the discrimination shown in Of Mice and Men. Since Lennie has a mental disability people think of him differently. For example, George treats Lennie like he is helpless. Lennie Small is a mentally disabled character in Of Mice and Men People with mental disabilities in s America were treated very unsympathetically by the majority of society.

Abnormal behaviour and low levels of economic productivity were thought of as a 'burden to society'. It is not right for people to be put out of their misery if they are sick, insane or retarded and if they are a danger to society.

In the novel, "Of Mice and Men", Lennie was a mentally handicapped character and after Lennie's Aunt Clara passed away, George became the caretaker of Lennie/5(2).

Of mice and men was written in a period when mentally disabled people were treated like outcasts ess
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