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Similar to ConnSelmer but with a more narrow stance. Mouthpiece Pouches Padded nylon design with velcro enclosure. A brass snap closes the pouch for safe keeping. Provides greater security than you might expect for a store-in-bell model.

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Rim is approximately the size of a standard 12C mouthpiece. Includes 5 clear pages. Adjustable bellcup allows for use with altos, tenors or basses. Solid one-piece design of steel construction will last forever. For all trombone mouthpieces, including most large heavy-top models. Large also fits mainshafts of many concert music stands.

Softer tone than metal models. Positive locking mechanisms keep the stand from closing when in use. Includes instruction book and clip-on carry bag.

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Allows for easy access and faster mute changes during performance. Fits most standard sized mouthpieces. Headphones attach directly to mute. Lets you do mouthpiece-only practice on the horn, maintaining the feel of holding the trombone and creating accurate mouthpiece pressures and angles on the chops.

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Has a unique warmth in the tone not found in metal and fibre models. Produces the original bucket sound. For standard sized wood pencils.

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Tenor players - purchase a bass bag for even more room. This is the strongest and most stable stand we sell or have seen available commercially.

Tools4Winds Wood - Available in silver or gold plate. Not intended for bass trombone. Folded size is A sturdy two section telescopic steel shaft adjusts to a perfect fit for heavy instruments. Great for jazz and big band work. Height when in use is Maje gilet en maille bordé de chaînette façon Dépôt Vente Luxe,maje pantalon,maje rue de marseille,groupe maje,grande qualité,maje pull en vente, YoutubeにRencontre Mignon動画チャンネルを開設しました。 野菜不足をスッキリ解消 美容と健康の強い味方 沖縄伝統島野菜千草のがんじゅう島野菜αアルファ粒入3個セット.

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La laïcité et l’école: retour sur les travaux du CNAL. Pendant l’année scolaireles cinq organisations constitutives du Comité national d’action laïque (Cnal) ont souhaité faire un état des lieux de l’application du principe de laïcité dans les écoles et établissements scolaires publics.

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