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The only picture that she correctly answers all the time was that of a Koosh ball. Gretta cannot chew properly, so her teachers are always cautious and watch everything that she eats to avoid any problems. Landri has using Picture Exchange Communication PEC for a couple of years now, but her teachers said that there has not been much progress with her for the time being.

For this set up, the chairs and tables were strategically placed in the manner wherein the students would be able to concentrate with their studies. More essays like this: I told her that she needs to carry them for herself.

Regardless of his disability, Joseph is very smart. More energy and affection are needed to teach these three students, than it is to teach a classroom filled with eighteen students. I was attached to him more than the others for he was a very sweet boy.

Working with these special children made me feel very competent as an educator. Landri was seven years old, and was autistic. All throughout the lesson, she was holding a string, and seems to enjoy the way things feel. Creativity was also one of the trainings given to the children.

I also believe that the little things that we teach these children in their lives are enough to inspire us in helping others more. As I look back at the four hours I spent in the classroom, I felt that the knowledge that I could impart to these children were vital in their lives.

Dedication, hard work and excessive patience are definitely the key factors in helping these children learn. As I learned about the experience, I was very excited. They may be mentally incapable to do the things that normal people do, but in other aspects, they shine. On the way to lunch, the teachers made the three children carry their notebooks.

It was saddening to know that she cannot walk nor stand, and can sit only on the floor. Although young, Joseph likes to go up to the board and use the pen. When Gretta gets excited, she rocks her chair faster, and the teacher then takes her out of her wheelchair, allowing her to lie down on the floor and do her exercises.

As I ended the experience, I realized that it takes special people to work with special children, like Joseph, Gretta, and Landri. I have also observed that Landri loved holding things with her hands. Landri on the other hand, loves to hold the pen in her hand while she stands on the chair.

The last of the three students in the room was Joseph. Finally, my dreams of witnessing this one of a kind interaction would be a reality. In this class, there were fewer students, and chairs were not lined up perfectly.

While studying, Landri had to be buckled to a chair so that she could remain seated, for she is fond of standing and running around the room. Like us, they are also human beings who have feelings.

Special Ed Class Observation Essay Sample

Landri was uncomfortable carrying her books, making me carry them at one point. He showed me his affections by touching my cheek most of the time.

He can put puzzles together and can communicate with others using pictures. Unfortunately, she was on the last stage of the disorder, causing her to seize frequently.

When I was finally given the chance to observe a special education class, I was ecstatic. I was always left in awe with the kind of patience that its teachers and mentors have in dealing with the students. Initially, she was mainstreamed in the Kindergarten class twenty minutes a day.

From what I have observed, the teacher used the Promethean Board in helping the students learn. He is three years old and is also autistic.

Until now, she is not potty trained, so her teachers are working hard to teach her this simple but important deed.Field Observation Reflection Paper.

Kelli Jordan. Manchester College. EDUC Introduction to Teaching. and special education class. I felt that the experience helped me determine whether or not I was observation at the high school was with a first year teacher in geometry and while he enjoyed.

Observation of a Special Education (Special Ed) Program - Observation of a Special Education (Special Ed) Program For my visitation I went to the public high school in my hometown.

Due to time constraints I was not able to visit the school on a weekday when classes were in session. Below is an essay on "Special Education Observation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Observation Assignment #1 Observe the Students in the Class/5(1). Essay about Regular vs. Special Education Classes; Through investigation and observation, I explored the differences between regular education classrooms and special education classrooms to see if there were in fact inequalities between the two.

Prior to doing research, I assumed that all education was alike, and that regardless of special. classroom observation essaysMr.

N's Seventh grade science class was located in Lincoln Middle School, district 81 which serves Schiller Park Illinois. The makeup of the community is extremly diverse with a 38% Hispanic population as well as a very large population of Polish students.

The socio. Some class’s harbored students who comprehended the material better, were ethnically diverse, special education, motivated and lazy students. We will write a custom essay sample on Classroom Observation Reflective Summary specifically for you for only $ $/page. Classroom Observation Critique ; Education Field Observation .

Special ed class observation essay
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