The commercialization of education essay

He refers to political reformists John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both who advocated that education was the foundation to a well-informed citizenry and the key to a successful democratic government Barber 1. Tastes and Odours — If your water has a disagreeable taste or odour, chances are it is due to one or more of many organic substances ranging from decaying vegetation to algae; hydrocarbons to phenols.

Toxic Organic Chemicals — The most pressing and widespread water contamination problem is a result of the organic chemicals created by industry. The greatest threat is posed by nuclear accidents, nuclear processing plants, and radioactive waste disposal sites. Some of these disorders may go unnoticed for decades!!

Chemicals end up in our drinking water from hundreds of different sources. This is not what "I" as an individual or "you" as an individual can do. Its primary source is asbestos-cement pipe which was commonly used after World War II for city water supplies.

High TDS interferes with the taste of foods The commercialization of education essay beverages, and makes them less desirable to consume. In the best educational institutions of the world, donations are taken in return of registering an average student and giving him education.

Pesticides and Herbicides — The increasing use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture shows up in the water we drink.

Because these pipes are wearing, the deadly substance of asbestos is showing up with increasing frequency in drinking water. Advertisements made by the schools, colledges, coachings, etc is a way of getting more and more customers in form of students and surely their business is prospering day by day.

The list can grow by some 6, chemicals per week! They charge lumsum amount of money to provide education and the parents blindly spend such amount to educate their ward. Asbestos — Asbestos exists as microscopic suspended mineral fibres in water.

Commercialization and Education

After emphasizing the historical importance that education has brought upon people, Barber continues to use logos to illustrate the corruption that has disintegrated the educational system. Yet, families with disadvantage backgrounds have to tolerate their children being brand. Even the lined ones will leak according to the EPA.

Water with higher TDS is considered by some health advocates to have a poorer cleansing effect in the body than water with a low level of TDS. For instance, he mentions Brown vs. This creates toxic organic chemicals such as chloroform, and Bromodichloromethane. At least 75 percent of these are unlined.

The effects of chronic long term exposure to these toxic organics, even in minute amounts, are extremely difficult to detect. Evidently, the rights that were once denied have been progressively achieved with the help of educational access.

The system of education in the world has to improve, the meaning of education has to improve. There aremanmade lagoons at industrial and municipal sites in the US.

Commercialization of Education Essay

Toxic metals are associated with nerve damage, birth defects, mental retardation, certain cancers, and increased susceptibility to disease.

Some of these are within 1 mile of wells or water supplies. As of December,50 chemicals were being produced in greater quantities than 1, pounds per year in the US.

I will give him education even if I have to pay a huge amount of money to the educational institutions" These are some lines which are said by the parents of this modern era. One pound of the pesticide, Endrin can contaminate 5, gallons of water.

A further word about chlorine: Rather it has converted into a business in almost every institution charge a huge amount in return of the facilities they provide.

Short Essay on Commercialisation of Education

All in all, Barber invokes a social responsibility and accountability to rescue education from further exploitation. Some of the individual mineral salts that make up TDS pose a variety of health hazards.

Providing education should not be limited to providing lumsum amount of money.Commercialization of education The Commercialization of education has been a fairly recent trend in India that stems from the educational reform in the country over the last two decades.

It mainly materializes itself in mushrooming private schools, public and private universities and at the high education level. After emphasizing the historical importance that education has brought upon people, Barber continues to use logos to illustrate the corruption that has disintegrated the educational system.

For example, Barber points out that after the Civil War, stealth actions of commercialization and privatization in public schools developed. Commercialisation is the promotion and development of a product as a business within a market place. This is done by the use of sponsorship, funding, selling, publicity and advertising within the media, which is all rooted from money.

Commercialization Of Schools Essay Over the past two decades, business leaders have gradually instituted commercial logics and practices across the educational landscape for the purposes of making a profit, attracting a generation of loyal customers, and creating a positive image of the corporate involvement in social affairs.

The ultimate consequence is the commercialization of education; putting education in the market place. It involves transforming education into a business enterprise whereby private investors provide education to tuition-paying students. This essay discusses the commercialization of education and its implications in the education sector.

Commercialization apples to various sectors and these include the education, agriculture and the sport industries. Commercialization of education is a new trend that has resulted in reforms in the education sector.

The commercialization of education can be seen through the increase of private schools and institutions.

The commercialization of education essay
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