The depiction of amores perros film studies essay

At least 24 units must be at the level or higher and at least 9 units must be at the level. Besides looking at their political and economic lives, students will explore the changing gender roles and relations within marriage and the family, as well as the changing sexual and maternal mores.

A maximum of 9 credits for one semester or equivalent of study abroad, or 12 credits for more than one semester, is allowed.

Visual analysis of architecture, metalwork, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, and other art forms will be supplemented by archaeological evidence, Colonial documents, theories of religions, and the natural sciences. Critical Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges yearly.

The course includes discussions of major literary movements such as the avant-gardes, the Boom, and the post-Boom. A maximum of 6 credits is allowed. Through the course, students gain basic bibliographic knowledge and experience with research tools for a comparative study of Latin American politics society and culture.

Race and Ethnicity in Latin America: For previous Latin American Studies minor requirements, please visit our website. The ancient Maya were the only Pre-Columbian civilization to leave us a written record that we can use to understand their politics, religion and history.

The Spanish requirement may be fulfilled by: Readings include chapters of a picaresque novel, the representation of dictatorship, civilization vs. The course touches on the many and diverse other cultures that contributed to this vibrant world. Same as L22 History Credit 3 units.

The Minor in Latin American Studies The minor in Latin American Studies allows undergraduate students pursuing other major programs to complement their existing curriculum with a study of Latin America across diverse disciplines, and the way in which the region engages with the Western World, to which it belongs, at large.


The Portuguese requirement may be fulfilled by: This course looks at the nation building process through the lens of Latin American women.

Students will examine the expectations, responsibilities and limitations women confronted in their varied roles from the Wars of Independence to the social revolutions and dictatorial regimes of the twentieth century.

Lectures outline basic theoretical models for analyzing historical trends and then present a basic chronological historical narrative.

Courses may come from relevant offerings in the departments of History or Political Science, the International and Area Studies program, or study abroad. The minor in Latin American Studies is conceived as an option for students across a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, the humanities, the sciences, the pre-med program, business and engineering to add knowledge about Latin America to their professional portfolio.

The approach of this course is deeply intersectional and will focus on the interrelation of Latinx identities and experiences with gender and sexuality. Courses include but are not limited to: Other key topics include: The Mexican Revolution; the consolidation of a one-party political system; the construction of Mexican national identity and the arrival of neoliberalism.

Latin American Studies

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Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Latin American Studies is a gateway to the region and its cultures, politics and history. The major in Latin American Studies (LAS) can be studied on its own, providing knowledge about a region valuable for employers across different fields and industries.

The depiction of amores perros film studies essay
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