The lantern bearers and other essays for scholarships

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He believes in manliness, like any good Victorian, but his concept of manliness is roomy enough to include loafing, adventure and romance. Juniors must also submit proof of enrollment letter from their college or university by September I believe Stevenson would agree with me that he did not hit this mark too often in his own work.

The parts of this book that treat most intimately of Oxford life were written while in residence in Balliol College some six years ago.

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The collection ends with two essays every lover of literature should read: The boys assembled in some isolated spot, unveiled their lamps, and "delight[ed] themselves with inappropriate talk. He reveals much about his own character while writing about such disparate personalities as John Knox, Walt Whitman, Robert Stevenson is a fine essayist, an excellent stylist who finds a middle way between the aggressive bumptiousness of Macaulay and the effete languor of Wilde.

Of these, the title essay is perhaps the finest. For the present, the elements of which we have most need may best, as I think, be assimilated from England. Zola might faithfully record every detail and "turn out, in a page or so, a gem of literary art, render the lantern-light with the touches of a master, and lay on the indecency with the ungrudging hand of love" and yet have come nowhere near the real life of the scene.

By choosing his subjects carefully, he manages to be both objective and personal. If, however, the new Oxford-trained Americans should ever become an important factor in our university life, the future is bright with hope.

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The Lantern Bearers And Other Essays

That the plan will result in any speedy realization of the ideals of the great exponent of English power in the new worlds is perhaps not to be expected. To the ear of the stenographer, the talk is merely silly and indecent; but ask the boys themselves, and they are discussing as it is highly proper they should the possibilities of existence.

We have assimilated, or are assimilating, the best spirit of German education; and if we were to make a similar draft on the best educational spirit in England, our universities would become far superior as regards their organization and ideals, and probably also as regards what they accomplish, to any in Europe.

There are two types of structures for the competition: The contest is also designed to give young people experience in public speaking and reviewing legal documents as well as provide an opportunity for them to obtain some financial support to continue their education.

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All students will receive a prize for participating in the National Competition. The Regional Competition is held in two stages: The purpose and result of an introduction of English methods would of course not be to imitate foreign custom, but to give fuller scope to our native character, so that if the American educational ideals in the end approximate the English more closely than they do at present, such a result would be merely incidental to the fact that the two countries have at bottom much the same social character and instincts.

Hyde," perhaps the most disciplined and noble expression of moral outrage in the language. Essay Competition and Oral Advocacy Competition. Now the wording of the testament requires only that the American scholars shall "commence residence as undergraduates.

The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays

Stevenson is lighting into the "realists" again, just as he was yesterday. If, however, the Oxford scholarships were awarded to recent graduates of American universities, the greatest advantage might result. They did what, exactly? Such a course, it seems to me, could only work harm.

To the eye of the observer they are wet and cold and drearily surrounded; but ask themselves, and they are in the heaven of recondite pleasure, the ground of which is an ill-smelling lantern.All essays should be submitted to faculty on the first day of school.

Sixth Grade Students entering Sixth grade have one required book and. The Lantern Bearers And Other Essays has 20 ratings and 3 reviews. Bill said: Stevenson is a fine essayist, an excellent stylist who finds a middle way /5(3).

The Lantern Bearers Summary “The Lantern Bearers” by Rosemary Sutcliff is the story of Aquila who is a Roman soldier assigned to the British Isles. He has adopted Britain as his home; his father and sister live nearby on a large farmstead. If, however, the Oxford scholarships were awarded to recent graduates of American universities, the greatest advantage might result.

The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays. Robert Louis Stevenson. $ My Remarkable Uncle. Stephen Leacock. An American at Oxford.

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The lantern bearers and other essays for scholarships
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