Thee checkers speech rhetorical analasis

Nixon successfully presents himself as a hero in each of the fantasy themes. To accomplish this, the evaluative criteria for this analysis will be based on three factors: Communication Monographs, 45, Evaluation Through the analysis of the manifest content of this artifact it can be concluded that Nixon did adequately respond to the situational exigence.

The villain presented in this theme is the greatest villain of the day, communism. Symbolic convergence is accomplished by the use of fantasy theme. The rhetorical criticism of social reality.

It was a little cocker spaniel dog, in a crate that he had sent all the way from Texas, black and white, spotted, and our little girl Tricia, the six year old, named it Checkers. I contained all the crucial points that Nixon was trying to stress.

Once Nixon has established the morality of such a fund he then begins to offer evidence and corroboration to support his assertion that the fund was not used for his personal gain. Fantasy themes constitute the interaction and discussion which has taken place as the rhetorical vision is being created.

Nixon respond to the charges levied against him.

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Therefore, to understand the vision you must examine the fantasy themes. So Nixon was forced to come up with a remedy for the untimely situation.

Thee Checkers Speech Rhetorical Analasis Essay Sample

It gave him substantial credibility with his audience to have a loan on his life. This is a further confirmation that Nixon is honest and a man of high moral character. Thus, the rhetor Nixon was successful in salvaging his political career.

Checkers Speech (1952)

A means of social control. Nixon poses the rhetorical question, "Why do I feel that in spite of the smears, the misunderstandings, the necessities for a man to come up here and bare his soul as I have? By responding to the exigence of the rhetorical situation and addressing the antithesis of the emergent fantasy themes Nixon was able to develop a rhetorical message which was believable and accepted by his audience.

Questions concerning this campaign fund could no longer be ignored and Nixon was forced to face his accusers and publicly respond to these allegations.

Nixon throws the pity book at his audience. He was right—baring his life could not have been easy at all. The letter was filled with emotion and was similar to what so many young American families were experiencing at those times. Nixon knows what it is like to work for a living. Nixon chooses to cast the attacks against him in moral terms.

The speech is full of textbook examples of pathos appeals. Second, these emergent themes[3] are the component parts which form the rhetorical vision.

And I think my country is in danger. Nixon quotes from an independent audit of the fund: Box 57, Rotterdam Jct.WIP Blog-Rhetorical Analysis Essay. Nixon was actually a brilliant man who knew how to appeal to the American people, which can be seen in his famous “Checkers Speech.” After being accused of taking bribes and illegal gifts while campaigning as Dwight Eisenhower’s vice presidential candidate, he became the first man ever to use.

Rhetorical Analysis of Richard Nixon's "Checkers" Speech using Aristotilian Analysis. Transcript of Checkers Speech - Nixon Culture Television - Television was a growing part of culture as more and more Americans purchased the loved product and watched it daily. Get in-depth analysis of Checkers Speech, with this section on Analysis.

Thee Checkers Speech Rhetorical Analasis Essay Sample. In “The Checkers Speech,” Richard Nixon responds to criticism regarding an alleged “secret fund.”. Thee Checkers Speech Rhetorical Analasis "Checkers," The American Dog in Disguise: A Rhetorical Analysis of Nixon's Address In "The Checkers Speech," Richard Nixon responds to criticism regarding an alleged "secret fund.".

Thee checkers speech rhetorical analasis
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