Thesis on computarization of hotel reservation system

Difficulty in searching and retrieving files J. Difficulty in finding the availability of rooms III. This study looked into a better impact of using technology today on how it affects our daily lives especially for being the customer. To highly integrate data.

Hotel Reservation System Thesis Essay Sample

If in case the hotel is fully booked and other walk-in customers wish to rent, the receptionist will consult their records for scheduled check-outs. To increase the security between the management and staff. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

To become make easier to find the availability rooms. Hotel Reservation System is designed to manage all types of hotel bookings, made directly by guests.

Possible loss of records and retrieving files K. The system can view all bills that will be depends on the booking and room, it can also view the rooms current status and availabilities of rooms in any specific date. With this studies it can help our beneficiaries to know the differences of using manual system to a computerized generation today, prioritize is to prove and to give them the right information.

To create a back up of files in every successful transaction. This study mainly focused on providing retailing business application using computerized system that enables businesses to track services and aims to provide accurate and reliable process on every transaction especially in a hotel reservation.

Cancellation 48 hours or less Prior to Scheduled Arrival: However, if any existing customer wishes to extend their stay, the new customer will not be accommodated. To lessen time consume. After the transaction of customer, it will proceed to the billing process which will be based on the booking and room rate.

Our warm and friendly staffs are always ready to serve guests with a smile and friendly service. To spend less time in searching and retrieving of files.Room Reservation System Documentation, Release Figure 1 basically shows the allowable instances of users to reserve a room. It also shows how a reservation is.

This system should be able to record details of room reservation number, guest ID, room number, reservation date, date reserved, length of stay, and status.

Banquet reservation: This requirement also a very important function of this system. DELIMITATION Hotel Reservation System is designed to manage all types of hotel bookings, made directly by powerful hotel reservation, marketing & merchandising features give you the ability to control dynamic room or tour allotments, distribute confidential trade rates, provide varying rates and commissions, multiple /5().

Transcript of Thesis. Due to this problem, the proponents proposed a Computerized Hotel Reservation System with POS.

The rationale of the proposed system is to make the process faster, more organized, less tedious, and less time-consuming in managing and reserving the reservation system and billing transactions.

Conclusion. The proponents’ Computerized Hotel Reservation and Billing System will help lessen the time consumed. This Thesis Project represented. Online computerized Hotel Management System. Ogirima, Hotel, reservation system, Internet, This now leads to computerization of hotel management [9].

The proposed intelligent hotel.

Thesis on computarization of hotel reservation system
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