When i am 100 years old writing activity

I was lucky just to make it to class! I actually had 2 sets of pictures developed, so we could send home a finished writing piece right away, instead of making parents wait until the end of the year when our writing portfolios go home. Which is why we had to do it again in the afternoon after their sugar spike.

I will make cupcakes when I take care of my babies. We have also just started our Classroom Olympics, so I knew I wanted to tie that it. And thanks to one of my students for taking a picture. I will drink coffee.

Fun th day twist The Littlest Scholars made these adorable gumball machines!

100th Day of School Writing Activity

Either way, they turned out cute and when they were dry we counted and graphed each color. I will do a birthday for my son. Each group had to come up with 20 different ways first group to finish won a gold medal, as well as the group that showed the most team work.

Some of our men had beards and mustaches. Each group took on a country name, and gold medals are handed out for various reasons during various points of the day when I catch them doing something great.

This took longer to reach than I imagined! We stayed on task with our current units of study, awarded a lot of gold medals, and celebrated our learning. Pretty sure I was gritting my teeth in that push-the-button-already manner. And I made this ah-dorable shirt thanks to the free printout from Mrs.

And no matter how I try and say "Cover your mouth!!! How great is that?! From there, each group had to add their 20 ideas to a whole group graffiti poster each group wrote in a different colour. They did jumping jacks the first time we watched it, hopped up and down the second time and by the time they frog jumped on the third watch they were pooped!

Now I get why she used pre-cut circles While our women had sweet little hairdos!

To celebrate our tasks were: Whenever you get there This is what we have so far. Click HERE to download a copy. I KNOW the students had a lot of fun learning today. Our very incomplete bulletin board was like a magnet, drawing students in from all over the school.My favourite activity was our writing activity - no original ideas here - it was just a "When I am years old" writing prompt.

A few days ago, I took all their pictures and "aged" them with the agingbooth app (well worth the $). Feb 13,  · Their assignment was to draw a picture of themselves at years old still doing an activity that they love while they are 8 years old.

The writing on the stairs says, "Steps for Senior Citizens". When I am years old. An Extraordinary Woman; I "LOVE" Multiplication!Author: Teaching With Moxie.

th Day of School printouts and worksheets. The Teacher's Guide-Free Worksheets, SMARTboard templates, and lesson plans for teachers. th Day Activity Book TTG 8 pages of activities. When I am Years Old Portrait and Writing TTG.

100th Day of School Activities : When I am 100 Years Old Project & Writing

When I am years old worksheet th Day of School Writing Activity day of school writing activity - When I am years old. Cute writing activity Use an aging app to develop the students pictures. Feb 06,  · happy th day! My {cough} classroom {cough} has been {cough sniff} one big {ack cough sneeze} party of germs {ah-chooo}.

I love Deanna Jump's year old art projects but even more than that I love how Kindergator took it to a new level.

The Teacher's Guide-Free Worksheets, SMARTboard templates, and lesson plans for teachers.

Instead of the regular "When I am years old " writing, she changed it up to make Author: Little Miss Glamour Goes To Kindergarten.

day of school writing activity. When I am years old Students can write and draw a picture of themselves with they are years old Can also use an aging app and have students pictures developed Cute writing activity.

When i am 100 years old writing activity
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