Write an essay on internal criticism and external criticism

Consequently, the economy cycle can have varying effects on real estate industry. Changes in the external and internal environment of the real estate company will determine the decisions management takes.

Planning for Domestic and Global Competition. The salespeople are classified as independent licensed contractors that work in different areas and supply assistances to a sole proprietorship that often act as a licensed broker.

Internal and External Analysis Academic Essay

For instance, when interest rates fall, the cost of buying homes decreases, which in turn creates a higher demand for homes, which increases prices. Also, the analysis will include a face—to-face presentation of the final report, and the signing of the listing agreement within seven days of the performance Hoover Real Estate Services, Identifying and Analyzing the most important internal strengths and weaknesses In determining the strengths and weaknesses affecting Guzman Realty, it is necessary the conduct a SWOT analysis.

More essays like this: For instance, an interesting trend in housing market has been the transition of the baby boomer to retirement, which began back in The success of Guzman Realty strongly depends of competitive pricing and effective marketing practices.

As a result, one of the most critical business factors for Guzman Realty is competition. A SWOT analysis enables companies to identify the positive and negative factors affecting the business and its strategic planning.

Threats and Weaknesses of a sole proprietor Real Estate Company. The firm has limited financial resources. Demographics are the actual data that describes the structure of a population. Larger changes in the demography of a location can have a tremendous effect on real estates trend for many years.

Also, prime interest influences the real estate market because changes in interest rates can affect the ability of a person to purchase a house. This transition has had a significant effect on the actual market for many years. For instance, the economy is a key external factor that can influence the success of the real estate company.

So if the Guzman Realty is aware of the incentives offered by the government, they can inform clients in order to influence the demand and supply and identify potentially false trends.

Social Factors Some of the social factors affecting the external environment of Guzman Realty include beliefs, attitudes, values, opinions, and lifestyle of individuals. The parties working for Guzman Realty have approved to a particular compensation arrangement that provides very little accountability toward each other.

The success of Guzman Realty strongly depends on competitive pricing and effective marketing practices. In conclusion Guzman Realty is a new real estate company that was launched in the market couple years ago.

Internal and External Environmental Analysis Academic Essay

As a result, agents get to set-up their own hours, they get to build their own client base, and try to work in the best manner that they see it fit. As the economy gets better, and growing demand for homes slowly start to rise, Guzman Realty needs to focus on increasing advertisement in order to increase its competitive position.

In addition salespeople that work for Guzman Realty work under the direction of a broker but are fundamentally accountable for their own business actions. These factors together influence the basis for opportunities and threats that firm encounters in its competitive environment.

By assessing its competitive position, the company can improve its probabilities of planning strategies that enhance its environmental opportunities.

As a result, it is recommended that Guzman Realty increase advertisement and hired as many agents as necessary as a way to increase brand recognition. Conversely, when interest rates rise, the demand for homes decreases and real estate prices drop Nguyen, The Remote Environment The remote environment is comprised of factors that affect the real estate operating situation, and some of those factors include economic, social, and political factors.

In the real estate industry, dominant agencies tend to control a large portion of the industry. Low Brand Recognition A major weakness affecting Guzman Realty is its currently low brand recognition. Home sellers often want to take advantage of listing their real estate property with recognized agencies Kokemuller, Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Structure of the Organization and its Affect on Organizational Performance Guzman Realty Company has an overlapping structure in which a licensed broker oversees a group of licensed independent contractors.

When developing a business philosophy and product, it is necessary for Guzman Realty to use its strength in quality production and customer service. Employees at the real estate business are provided with flexible schedules because the company sees employees as independent contractors and their own bosses.

Developing a profile regarding its present and prospective customer increases the ability of managers to plan strategic operations. This structure is composed of gender, race, age, income, migration patterns, and the rate of growth.SWOT is an situational analysis and it can divide into two factors, internal and external.

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External and Internal Environment Analysis Essay Sample

Internal and External Analysis Description Monsanto Company* Creating an effective strategic management plan relies heavily on analysis of both your existing company and factors in the business environment that impact decision making.

This is an essential part of the business process because it allows management to keep informed on changes .

Write an essay on internal criticism and external criticism
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