Writing a 30 second radio spot

Most copywriters begin with the first line of the commercial.

How to write a radio ad that generates calls or traffic

Some companies specially order toll-free numbers that can be given as phrases, such as End-Pain. If you want web visits, say it directly.


Here is a bare bones, 7-step structure that will enable you write a serviceable radio commercial quickly…assuming you have adequate knowledge of the product or service being advertised.

Present a clear call to action. With certain campaigns, you need to start the conversation. The Call to Action is the one action you want the targeted listener to take as a result of hearing your ad.

Ideally, it should begin with creating or identifying a need. In the sample radio ad, the answer presents the call to action like this: It even helps ease back, joint and muscle pain.

If you want a call, ask for it. Use announcer copy and sound effects to help listeners picture a scene. Wanna discover the incredibly simple secret to writing a script for a second radio spot?

Ask if they would recommend it to others. Limited time offers are not an exclusive tool of direct mail, they work in every medium, including radio. However, today sending people to a Web site is common.

How to Write a Script for a 30-Second Radio Spot

What should be the babbling of a forest stream can sound like water running in a toilet bowl. Put your selling idea first. Can you spot each of the 7 copywriting steps? So make sure you set up the scene properly with narration or dialog. Later, if you run the spot again, changing the deadline is as simple as re-recording a few seconds of audio and sending the new spots to radio stations.

For example, if you are selling a headache remedy, your second radio spot could start with, "Do you suffer from crippling headaches?View, download and print second Radio Spot Script Writing pdf template or form online.

5 Radio Script Templates are collected for any of your needs. How to Write a Script for a Second Radio Spot By Christopher Carosa, eHow Contributor A second radio spot tells a storywill.

The sample radio ad breaks down roughly like this: 9 seconds for the “headline” or intro copy, 22 seconds for detailed information, 16 seconds for the offer, and 12 seconds for the call to action.

Just the offer and call to action would fill up a second spot. Use a simple announcer format. Writing a good second radio spot should take anywhere from a day or two to a week (or more).

It depends on how good the Creative Brief is and and how much experience the copywriter has. An experienced copywriter, working from a very carefully prepared Creative Brief, will probably want a few days to consider and tweak the output before.

30-second Radio Spot Script Writing Template

In a 30 second radio ad, information must be relayed clearly and efficiently with an objective of getting an immediate response from listeners. Ask each radio station to provide the listener demographics applicable to your products -- including age, income and gender -- to find the best match for your advertising campaign.

The Product Start the ad by mentioning the product in a context where it solves a problem.

Writing a 30 second radio spot
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